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 Facebook link to ClayClay Brick of Brick Directory
 Facebook link to ClayClay Brick of Brick Directory
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Book. 'A Century of Ceramics'. A selection of 20th Century Potters and Potteries in the Isle of Wight by Lisa and Andrew Dowden Large Scale (Signed by Authors) Paperback 256 pages £15 (reduced from £28). For sale in Bembridge shop

 Coloring books


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Even a brick wants to be something more than it is’ - Louis Kahn, Architect 1902-74

‘The Story of Clay is the Story of Britain’

‘ClayClay’ - ‘Creative Chaos’ The Shop with a Grand Piano in. Daily Playing

Home Page for ClayClay Products in ClayClay. From mini bricks to normal size bricks, to clay cookware,  terracotta letters and art painted with powdered clay mixed with the paint, to postcards and music videos and pavers and many more clay or terracotta related items Art at ClayClay ClayClay Purchase Online Pop Art Postcards

ClayClay Does:

ClayClay does:

Piano recital in the ClayClay Shop
'Oysters' by Edouard Bango Vuillard 4ft by 3ft The lost piece of art?

New Caricatures 

Rolls-Royce Art Car from the Wight Rolls-Royce  and Bentley Car Company
Art at ClayClay. Featuring all of the 17 or so artists on display in the Bembridge ClayClay Shop


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 'Things you can't and can do in Bembridge IW' Postcard based on original paintings by BB Bango. Over 18 only

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ClayClay mini brick building kits. Mini brick kits (for ages 8+) including ‘BrickStick mortar. Construct different buildings from real Mini and Maxi clay bricks.Just immerse kit in water to Re--use.Scalextric buildings now available

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Clay Cookware made in a  Nottinghamshire pottery. Terracotta clay is a porous material which, when soaked in water and then heated in the oven, provides a slow evaporation of steam from the pores, creating a steamy enclosed environment - Perfect for achieving succulent, tender and full-flavoured roasts. Also terracotta Egg Racks, Garlic pots, Graters and Wine Stackers as well as Pizza Bakers.

Clay Cookware

Pizza Oven made from tapered York Handmade bricks in Wilts. for further details, please contact ClayClay

Pizza Oven

2014 Date Brick. Indented numbering and out dented numbering

 Date Bricks

York Handmade Brick used in Brading IW. Old Clamp Random Quality

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Brick Matching

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Handmade pavers, cobbles and square landscape pavers and patterned pavers


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Terracotta Mini Brick Chess Set. board only. £15.00

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Clay Clay Miniature Brick Fridge Magnet kits on a Fridge BB Bango Art Over 18 only

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Bango Art

2 Bango Paintings submitted to Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2015. In 2014 submitted - Double Smooching Nudes and Dutch Barn1. Dutch Barn1 Shortlisted (2nd round) . This painting is now SOLD Was exhibited in the window at the ‘Not the royal Academy Summer Exhibition’ at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, 124 The Cut , Waterloo SE1 8LN (opposite the ‘Old Vic’) ‘Double Smooching nudes’ sold via Saatchi Online to collector in Calgary, Canada and ‘nude on a Rolls’ to Co Wuicklow, Eire plus over 150 Bango;paintings now sold

Inside the ClayClay Shop
Mini Brick Cutting


 After Van Gogh More Maureen Lavery Vincent Van Bango pop art ,Felicity Anne Steenberg, John Hunter, BB BangoSandra Francis, Jo Green, John GoodwinRoy Burrows, Juliet Bristow, Liz Fletcher, Mike Miller, Jane DanielsPablo Picasso, Sienna Anderson, Suzanne Whitmarsh, Chris Adams, Maureen Lavery, Barry Fields, Katie Hobbs, Car Boot artists, Kate Gooden, Mervyn G Pearson, Rory Campbell, Barbara Gould, Michael Hunt, Dave Briggs, Lois May, Kym Ridge , Donna Jones MBE

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NEW Pop Art 2015

MascotAnimated Video and Painting

Isle of Wight County Press article 2014 re 'Dutch Barn 1'

'The Needles' Painting in acrylic and sand  by Mike Miller Seaview Based Artist Framed 24" by 19" On display in Bembridge shop. £200

NEW Postcards 2015

Products in ClayClay. From mini bricks to normal size bricks, to clay cookware,  terracotta letters and art painted with powdered clay mixed with the paint, to postcards and music videos and pavers and many more clay or terracotta related items
HB Holiday Lettings on the Isle of Wight The Isle of Wight Film Board Chris Adams. Isle of Wight made up of pictures. In a similar vein to his Isle of Wight prints made up of Words. £30 as a mounted 18*13" print Brickmaking History on the Isle of Wight
South Island Music The Clay Clay Miniature Brick Building Kit Dreadnought Tiles. On display in Bembridge Shop The York Handmade Brick Company. Largest Handmade Brick manufacturer in the UK, making 'old' looking handmade bricks, pavers and terracotta floor tiles from clay out of their own quarry near York Unlike other brick manufacturers they are prepared to deal in any quantity directly to the public.
Isle of Wight Pottery. Andrew and Lisa Dowden at their recent Ventnor exhibition ClayClay and EspadaRolls produced this S Yiorks album and DVD of music videos in 2005. Still available for sale. Great originalk songs - should have been a massive commercial success , maybe it still could be. The meekjoe album ‘andevermoreshallbeso’ is a story illustrated by 12 original meekjoe music videos of a young man coming to terms with his life in a sometimes abstract, weird, zany way.  The DVD is being offered with the CD as a double boxed package at £3.00 Available online or at the ClayClay shop. You can hear samples of tracks at Link to Links to all brick related web sites Doglost Helps you find your lost or stolen dog.
Made on the Isle of Wight. Everthing is made on the Isle of Wight The Pilot Boat Inn, Bembridge Isle of Wight. The only pub on Bembridge Harbour. Looks like an Ocean liner and is as friendly as one too! Mini Brick Web site The Wight Brick Company. Manufacturing a very limited range of mini handmade and sometimes full size bricks from Isle of Wight clay and burnt in a kiln in Seaview. This picture shows aTerracotta Outline of the Isle of Wight
English Trunk Company. English Trunks made in Cambridge
We will take  Bitcoins once PayPal starts accepting them Bango Art at Saatchi Online
Wight Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 1969 Wedding Car complete with uniformed chauffeur and personalisation (Bride and Groom pictures on doors and bonnet etc). £150 per Wedding to Church or Registry Office and back to Reception (anywhere on  Isle of Wight)
Bango Art at Red Bubble

 News: Rolls-Royce Pop ArtCar Missing Vuillard Bango Oysters Painting?  ’Big Art’ All summer 2015 Exhhibition Now closed Adult Colouring Books, Solent Wind and Power Print updated, ,Customised playing cards, Wight Rolls Royce for HireNew Pop Art Caricatures, Donna Jones MBE Sculpter & Painter,  Lenticular Animated & 3D postcards, 12 and 18 Month Calendars A Month a page -‘East Wight Views’ and ‘Saucy Wight Art’ with Tide Tables:PostcardsatClayClay Handpainted Watch faces by Mike Miller, Linotype Etchings by Felicity Ann Steenberg, ’Dutch Barn 1’ shortlisted for RA Summer Exhibition, Animated ‘Mascots’ video Portrait CommissionsDog ArtDouble Smooching Nudes Kym Ridge Barn Art, Huge Art, SpinArtLois-May Art Figures Dave Briggs Metal Sculptures, Rory Campbell Photography, Donna Jones 3D Art, Mermaid Postcards,  Mervyn G Pearson Marine Artist Katie Hobbs Artist, ’Things...’ Postcards Maureen Lavery, Barry Fields Carol PearcePop Art Caricatures and Commissions Photo Pop Art Vince Richards Artist Karen Gooden Ceramic artist, POP ART,  Bango Art music video, Nudes on a beachWham by Bango, Plage by Bango, Mini bricks on Radio 4, Alexei Rumyantsev the Wall at Sotheby’s,   Painting VideoMini Brick Video, ‘Late Strike’ Pablo Picasso etching ‘La Toilette de la Mere’Chris AdamsSienne Anderson,  Terracotta Backgammon sets, Terracotta patterned shoes Mike Miller Artist, HB Holiday Lettings Agency Sue Rose Personalised China, Scarecrow Original Plaster sculptures  Sandra Francis , Sayings Plaques, Bango HockneyArt Car,   IW Potteries book, Artists , Jo Green, Jane Daniels, Juliet Bristow, BB Bango,-The Scream at IW Piers. Handmade IW Clay Maxi bricks Bagged IW Clay .   Also Maxi bricks 48*24*16mm & Mosaic Tiles (4*16*16mm). Pizza oven bricks. How to Make a Pizza Oven

 15, High St, Bembridge, Isle of Wight PO35 5SD

Opening hours : Generally but not always 10am - 5pm Weekdays, Saturday 11am - 4pm. Sometimes open Sundays and Bank holidays (11-2) and longer hours during the week, sometimes not open at all as out selling (sailing)! Do ring (07836 761541 or 01983 875378) to check if open, if you are making a specific trip, Shop is also shared with Harrison Bristow Holiday Lettings .

ClayClay, 15 High St, Bembridge, Isle of Wight PO35 5SD Inside the ClayClay Shop ArtCar Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow 1969. Painting by BB Bango Bango painted Reliant Scimitar GTE in front of ClayClay, 15 High St, Bembridge, Isle of Wight PO35 5SD

'Dutch Barn 1' by  BB Bango. One of a series of large canvases depicting Barns with many hidden images. Acrylic on canvas.  900 by 1200mm. Also postcards available. This picture was painted in November  2013  and is on display in the Pilot Boat Inn, Bembridge, Isle of Wight (until 15th April 2014). £3,100 This picture has been shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2014 and will be delivered there 15th April 2014. Click on image to go to Pop Art page - Over 18 only
'Dutch Barn 2' by  BB Bango. One of a series of large canvases depicting Barns with many hidden images. Acrylic on canvas.  900 by 1200mm. Also postcards available. This picture was painted in November  2013  and from 9th June - 22nd August 2015 will be on display at LLelwellyn Alexander in Waterloo, London  0207 6201322 £1,250

Barn Art’ - 'Dutch Barn 1,2,3,4 and 5' by BB Bango. One of a series of large canvases depicting a nude model in a dilapidated Dutch Barn near Seaview, Isle of Wight with possibly many hidden images. Acrylic on canvas. 900 by 1200mm. Also postcards available. These pictures were painted in November 2013 and Dutch Barn 1 was shortlisted for Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2014 and latr exhibited and sold in the ‘Not The Royal Academy Exhibition’ at Llewellyn Alexander Fine Art Gallery in SE London, Waterloo (opposite the Old Vic)

Isle of Wight County Press article April 4th 2014 re 'Dutch Barn 1'

'Coloring (colouring) books for Adults' 12 paintings per book various themes. Use your own crayons, pastels, fibre tipped pens, ink, watercolour, acrylic or oil paints. £5 per book plus £2.50 postage and packing. E mail us your requirements

 Coloring books

ClayClay, is in Bembridge. Isle of Wight These models are wearing Brikinis made of mini bricks in front of Bembridge Harbour.

BB Bango 2014 Music Video on YouTube Click below to watch

BB Mini Brick Video on You Tube.Click below to watch

BB Mini Brick Video on You Tube.Click below to watch

)'Mascots' Based on Punch Cartoon by BB Bango Acrylic 20*20"  £100. On display Bembridge Shop. This is a YouTube animated Music video too.
Wham  (after Roy Lichtenstein) by Bango 90 by 60cm acrylic on canvas £135 On display ClayClay shop
'Admiration on Bembridge Beach' (after Picasso) by Bango 60 by 40cm acrylic on canvas £90 On display ClayClay shop

'Late Strike' etching by Pablo Picasso 'La Toilette de la Mere' Original plate this was printed from was engraved by Pablo Picasso himself between 1905 and 1913. On display in the Bembridge shop.  Price £500. Not expensive for a genuine picasso.

'Isle of Wight County Press article April 4th 2014 re 'Dutch Barn 1'
Big Art All Summer 2015 Exhbition Now Closed. Was at Wight Marine, Embankment Rd, Bembridge, Isle of Wight.
Panorama Big Art All Summer Exhibition 2015 is now closed
Bought at local Auction October 2016. Nothing know about this original painting apart for fact it was presented as a gift to the Warden of Bembridge School Mr J H Whitehouse 13 February 1938 by his friends and Mr Macdonald and Sutcliffe. Initials POG in bottom right hand corner. Original painting 'After Van Gogh'' Framed 37 inches by 29 inches. On display Bembridge Shop

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